Burbank's retro aesthetic is paired with major entertainment studios. Beautiful local parks, film studios, and plenty of vintage shopping abound in this historic neighborhood. Film history buffs will love this city, hundreds of major feature films have filmed in Burbank over the years, including some of my favorites, CasablancaMary PoppinsBack to the Future, and 3:10 to Yuma.  

Spend a day here: Start off the morning with a great cup of coffee and a pastry at Romancing the BeanThen head to the set - Take a tour of one of the local film studios (Sony, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Universal, Disney, take your pick!). Next, visit It's a Wrap!a great secondhand shop where you can shop for wardrobes and props directly from film sets. For dinner, head to The SmokeHouse, a 1950's steakhouse known for dry martinis, red vinyl booths, and of course, great steaks. Keeping in the vintage theme, finish your day with Drive-In Movie Night at the local outdoor venue, Starlight Bowl.

Demographics: According to its 2012 census, Burbank has a population of 104,427. The racial makeup of Burbank was 72.7% caucasian, 58.3% Non-Hispanic caucasian, 2.5% African American, 0.5% Native American, 11.6% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 24.5% Latino, and 7.7% other ethnicities.  As of 2012, Burbank had a median household income of $66,240.

Elementary Schools ( in Burbank Unified School District):

  • Walt Disney Elementary
  • Thomas Edison Elementary
  • Ralph Emerson Elementary
  • Bret Harte Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • William McKinley Elementary
  • Joaquin Miller Elementary
  • Providencia Elementary
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary
  • R.L. Stevenson Elementary
  • George Washington Elementary