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As a longtime resident of the east side of Los Angeles, Laura has extensive knowledge of local neighborhoods and a rich history working in the community. Prior to real estate, Laura worked closely with city departments, artists, and educators in the non-profit sector. Laura brings this background to the world of real estate, which is truly her dream job. Laura loves great architecture, design, and is passionate about helping her clients find the perfect house for them.


If you are hoping to find an agent who truly cares about her clients, goes miles above and beyond the normal expectations for such a task and whom you may just want to stick around even after you close escrow - look no further. - Libby D.

Thanks to Laura's assistance, expertise, professionalism and persistence, my husband and I were able to realize our dream of buying our first home. Laura was recommended to me through a friend, and after just one email exchange, in which she provided a ton of useful information, I knew she'd be great. We were looking for a house all the way from the San Francisco Bay Area, and somehow Laura made the entire process -- from seeing properties to making offers to going through inspections -- nearly effortless. On my one visit down to LA to look for a place, she drove me around to see a bunch of properties; from that single day together, Laura knew exactly what type of home we were looking for -- she is amazingly attentive and intuitive! - Edan L.

Laura helped me purchase my first home and she was thorough and attentive from start to finish. She made herself available for showings and phone calls, and kindly walked me through what is generally a very terrifying process. She gave me her honest perspective and I always trusted that she had my best interests in mind. Laura also went out of her way to explain the paperwork and legalese to me so I fully understood everything I was signing. Laura even helped me out when it came to moving and setting up my new home. It really is start-to-finish, full-service with her.  Bottom line: Laura is sweet yet assertive, patient, trustworthy, organized and efficient - the perfect combo for a killer agent! I feel very lucky that I was able to go through this process with her by my side. - Jessie G.

Laura was a fantastic partner to have to accompany me in the process of buying a home. What could have otherwise been a stress-full and difficult decision was made seamless by Laura's clarity, knowledge of Los Angeles real estate and innate ability to understand the needs of her client. Laura guided me through the many, many stepped process of purchase, from visits to offer placement and numerous inspections. Her steady follow through is unmatched; Laura even facilitated my move in and went out of her way to provide me with information about the history of the home and connections with interior design firms. - Jasmin B.

Intuition. Creativity. Responsiveness. Open ears. Tenacity. Laura brings all of these aspects and more to her approach as an agent, and they are the qualities that helped us to find the home of our dreams. She possesses a nuanced understanding of the many neighborhoods that represent the fabric of Los Angeles, and was able to make us feel comfortable every step of the way through researching, negotiating, and ultimately committing to a home. Laura is at her core an artist, so she is attuned to what is not said, what is between the lines, and what is unspoken. That sensitivity brought the right kind of energy to our house search, and to the final stages of negotiations, ultimately saving us tens of thousands of dollars.  - Robin S. 

Laura is knowledgeable - as first-time home buyers, we valued her ability to explain the intricacies of the process in simple terms and her patience in responding to all of our questions.  Laura is diligent - if she hadn't arranged a private showing and helped us put together a competitive offer package in a matter of hours, we wouldn't be in our dream home today. - E. R

We recently purchased our first home, and had the pleasure of working with Take Sunset's Laura Marchetti. we could not have asked for a better experience - laura was knowledgable, available and transparent. she understood our vibe immediately, walked us through the process, and kept us abreast every step of the way. laura also has a genuine love for architecture and design, which made the process that much more exciting. - Grace H.

Laura was the central figure in our home buying experience. She made it happen. This wonderful realtor, friend, and human helped turn a process we expected to be difficult and frustrating into one of the most rewarding experiences either of us have ever had. Thank you Laura for everything. We're so grateful for your work and for forever changing our lives! - Kyle P.

If you're looking for a dedicated, kind, and patient agent, Laura is a good bet. Stressful situations are no match to her unwavering optimism. She went above and beyond to make herself available for our myriad questions and concerns as first time home buyers, helping us to put in a successful offer and close on our home in less than a month. - Andi G.

Laura did an EXCELLENT job helping me find and purchase a house in Eagle Rock.  She was patient and work diligently to ensure I got a great deal and everything was painless. - Robert F.

Laura is the best! We've worked with her on several occasions and would definitely do it again. She is professional, seasoned, attentive and extremely patient. Thanks to her we now live in our dream house. She is a miracle worker! - Marivi T.

Laura also knows the market really well and will quickly get a sense of your house-personality and try to match you with appropriate listings. You can learn a lot from her about Los Angeles too; she is familiar with the idiosyncrasies of its many different neighborhoods and might end up introducing you to a cool place you didn't know before. - Justine K.

She navigated some tricky escrow situations with ease and poise. She always made me feel calm, looped in, and like she was on my team every step of the way. Work with her and you won't be disappointed! - Claire A.

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2534 Park Oak Drive, Los Feliz Oaks 90068 - $3,435,000

3606 Amesbury Avenue, Los Feliz 90027 - $2,325,000

3741 Effingham Place, Los Feliz 90027 - $2,085,000

4801 Ambrose Avenue, Los Feliz 90027 - $1,877,000

5675 Hill Oak Drive, Los Feliz Oaks 90068 - $1,850,000

5206 Los Bonitos Way, Los Feliz 90027 - $1,775,000

3543 Holboro Drive, Los Feliz, 90027 - $1,875,000

1940 Delta Street, Echo Park, 90026 - $1,850,000

5232 Hartwick Drive, Eagle Rock 90041 - $1,395,000

2401 Silver Ridge Avenue, Silver Lake 90039 - $1,237,500

2051 Outpost Drive, Outpost Estates 90068 - $1,800,000

5670 Holly Oak Drive, Los Feliz Oaks 90068 - $1,660,000

4166 Verdugo View Drive, Glassell Park 90065 - $1,750,000

2638 Ivan Hill Terrace, Silver Lake 90039 - $1,575,000

2638 Ivan Hill Terrace, Silver Lake 90039 - $1,395,000

3934 Verdugo View Drive, Glassell Park 90065 - $761,000

1184 S Longhill Way, Monterey Park 91754 - $1,250,000

601 E Del Mar Avenue, Pasadena 91101 - $411,000

428 Lewis Street, Highland Park 90042 - $948,000

1389 Maltman Avenue, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,250,000

5143 Argus Drive, Eagle Rock 90041 - $1,350,000

1809 Lucile Avenue, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,460,000

2331 Echo Park Avenue, Echo Park 90026 - $1,325,000

1927 Delta Street, Echo Park 90026 - $1,280,000

6225 Saylin Lane, Highland Park 90042 - $937,000

5156 La Roda Avenue, Eagle Rock 90041 - $1,327,500

1401 N Coronado Street, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,035,000

193 Stockbridge Avenue, Alhambra 91801 - $801,000

5120 Echo Street, Highland Park 90042 - $904,000

4017 Hubert Avenue, Leimert Park 90008 - $773,000

3333 Ione Drive, Hollywood Hills East 90068 - $1,555,500

5224 Rockland Avenue, Eagle Rock 90041 - $1,105,000

1240 N Spaulding Avenue, West Hollywood 90046 - $650,000

1438 Murray Drive, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,070,000

1389 Maltman Avenue, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,250,000

4507 Finley Avenue #10, Los Feliz 90027 - $619,500

823 Arbol Street, Mt Washington 90065 - $585,000

4730 San Rafael Avenue, Mt Washington 90065 - $913,000

1836 N Rowan Avenue, El Sereno 90032 - $476,000

2780 Woodshire Drive, Beachwood Canyon 90068 - $1,315,000

5923 Weaver Lane, Highland Park 90042 - $661,000

2656 Glendale Boulevard, Silver Lake 90039 - $910,000

3462 Descanso Drive, Silver Lake 90026 - $900,000

3870 N Broadway Street, Lincoln Heights 90031 - $500,000

23740 Lund Street, Woodland Hills 91367 - $883,500

4436 Guardia Avenue, El Sereno 90032 - $607,000

1519 Elton Avenue, East Los Angeles 90022 - $467,500

4528 Zane Street, Montecito Heights 90032 - $450,000

596 E Avenue 28, Lincoln Heights 90031 - $762,000

1469 Westerly Terrace, Silver Lake 90026 - $1,175,000

3333 Ione Drive, Los Angeles 90068 - $1,500,000

5421 Stratford Road, Highland Park 90042 - $730,000

2438 Haverhill Drive, Glassell Park, 90065 - $790,000

702 S Serrano Avenue, #502, Koreatown, 90005 - $845,000

3026 Verdugo Road, Glassell Park, 90065 - $574,500

8113 Lemona Avenue, Panorama City, 91402 - $540,000

3655 Valleybrink Road, Atwater Village 90039 - $800,000

6114 Burwood Avenue, Highland Park 90042 - $500,000

2418 Sundown Drive, Glassell Park, 90065 - $978,000

6312 Elgin Street, Garvanza, 90042 - $775,000

7135 Hollywood Blvd, #903, Hollywood 90046 - $495,000

2721 W Avenue 32, Glassell Park 90065 - $715,000

4017 Hubert Avenue, Leimert Park 90008 - $773,000

7717 Teesdale Avenue, North Hollywood, 91605 - $730,000

6337 Ivarene Avenue, Hollywood Dell 90068 - $1,262,000